Watercolor Remnants


Here you will receive little bits of scrap (REMNANT) left over watercolor paints.

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  • Shape: Some come in heart shapes, dots, or just a blob
  • Color: Colors vary, you get what ever I have left over.  🙂
  • Quantity:  10 grams which equals approximately 1 regular size pan.

I have compared these to the same weight as a dry whole (not half) pan.  Since these are all dry remnants, you can put them in any tray you want and wet them down to use.  You can also store these in an air tight container. If there is any moisture, its possible for the pieces to stick together. Some of the metallic ones can be a bit sticky which is due to the honey and glycerine.

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As you see from these close up pictures, the remnants are all leftover paints from when I make the batches.  Sometimes I get enough to fill up 3 half domes or enough to make a whole heart.  Other times there is barely enough to fill in a half dome.  When the paints dry, they shrink so I do my best to fill them as much as I can.

You can stick these to a tin, or paper or perhaps a ceramic dish.  Add a little bit of water to the flat side of the shape and stick them on some heavy duty watercolor paper. 

These paints are quite yummy to work with, so why not test them out!  I have limited bits on hand so get them while you can.


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