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  • Stodgy – light yellow ocher, gray ocher, brown oxide yellow iron oxide – sparkle
  • Old Lady – white, ultra blue, black, sparkle
  • Blucalyptusturquoise, french pale green, brown oxide, ultra blue – no sparkle
  • Queens Lace white, light yellow ocher, ancient green earth, veridian oxide – no sparkle
  • London Foggrey oxide, ultra blue, white – no sparkle
  • Tea Cakelight yellow oxide, black, yellow iron oxide – no sparkle
  • Earl Greylight yellow oxide, black, earth patina
  • Razzberry Beret – ultra blue, ancient green earth, sparkle 
This set includes:
  • all 8 colors

  • a 3×3 tin with attached lid. 

  • inside the lid has a trimmed piece of 140lb watercolor paper for you to test your colors on. 

  • a little set of color swatches with a fun little star that sits on the outside of the package. 

  • a little bit about the paints which I strongly suggest you read. 

  • wrapped with printed paper with a copy of the Portland Part painting shown below. 


BLOG POST – I have a little story about this color theme you can read about here.

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Color Chart
Colors may vary due to your monitor settings. I get the colors as accurate as I possibly can.