Moon Glow Journal


 Original Hand-Painted Watercolor Blank Journal

  • Size: 9 H x 6 W
  • includes 1 signature – (6) 9×12 double sided sheets folded in half with hand deckled edges

Embellished with:

  • french knots with red metallic thread for the roses
  • tiny french knots with silver metallic thread for the starts
  • torn canvas fabric glued and machine stitched along edges

It was inspired by a photo I saw on Pixabay while searching out magical forests.  When I saw the photo, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  There are variances in the painting as I never copy photos exact. I hope you enjoy this rendition, especially with the added bits of sparkle in this magical setting.

It is painted on 300 gsm/140 LB Acid Free cold press 25% cotton watercolor paper.  After it was painted I sealed it with Fine Art Fixatif, then did all the stitching.  Once completely finished, I sealed it again with 2 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear sealer.  I then added a layer of canvas fabric on the back and stitched up the edges with my sewing machine.  I used the scrap pieces of canvas fibers and stitched those up on my sewing machine to make the strap.  I then stitched in the signatures which are replaceable if you choose.

I plan to make quick and easy video to show you how to swap out the signatures.

NOTE – Although its been sealed well, I would not consider this waterproof by any means. I consider it a piece of art, so be gentle but dont be afraid to use it!



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