Fairy Forest


 Original Hand-Painted Watercolor Blank Journal

  • Size: 9 H x 6 W
  • includes 1 signature – (6) 9×12 2 sided watercolor paper folded in half and hand deckled the edges.

Embellished with:

  • french knots with cotton fiber thread for flowers
  • torn canvas fabric glued and machine stitched along edges
  •  sari silk tie

This painting is the second piece I created from a class I took to learn how to add the lighting effect in this magical fairy-like forest.  I thought this one looked better to be folded in half instead of a tri fold.  I imagine a little fairy at the forest door on the cover page, but I did not paint it.  I felt this was better left to your imagination.  Or perhaps you can put a fun fairy charm here?

It is painted on 300 gsm/140 LB Acid Free cold press 25% cotton watercolor paper.  After it was painted I sealed it with Fine Art Fixatif, then did all the stitching.  Once completely finished, I sealed it again with 2 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear sealer.  I then added a layer of canvas fabric on the back and stitched up the edges with my sewing machine.  I used the scrap pieces of canvas fibers and stitched those up on my sewing machine to make the strap.  I then stitched in the signatures which are replaceable if you choose.

I plan to make quick and easy video to show you how to swap out the signatures.

NOTE – Although its been sealed well, I would not consider this waterproof by any means. I consider it a piece of art, so be gentle but dont be afraid to use it!



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This was my second painting in this class and I am in love with it. The photo was taken before it was all put together so you can get a better idea of what it looks like before it was assembled.  You can see the fun french knots and wispy leaves…  This was painted strictly with the Fairyland watercolor set.  I have yet to list these paints, but I do have them ready to go.  I will share the link with you very soon.

Since this is a scanned image, the colors are a tad darker than the actual painting, but the colors are spot on! 

heart love

Colors may vary due to lighting, your monitors and I did adjust the color slightly to improve the color balance.  Some may be slightly more blue in tone than the actual painting. The image above is the closest to the original colors.

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