Portland Park

Portland Park

Realm of The Dragons is my very first set I created.  After hours and days and months of getting these mixtures just right, its done!  Now I have a very good recipe that makes these paints so magical.  This set came about after binge watching “Merlin”  YUP…how crazy is that? I even took some photos of the dragon to see what colors make him so cool..

Realm of the Dragon Painting

Enter The Realm Of The Dragons


Eyes so bright, shining day and night
scales glistening in the breeze.

You can smell the cinder as it gracefully
soars through the deep blue sky.

The magic is strong with electric
energy filling you with wonder..


By Christina Miles

What a beautiful trip we had going to Portland to visit our son and his partner.  It was raining and snowing most of our drive there.  Yes, it was a long overdue vacation for the Holidays.  Since …covid struck…life has been so unpredictable and we had not be out on any adventures but once…that is another story.  Anyway…we drove 9 hours or so through lots of snow and rain.  We decided to stop and grab some grub and I took a wrong turn.  No big deal really…I just pulled over and got out of the truck to enjoy the view while hubby looked at the map.  We were not that far off our path.  But it was a nice little break..still had lots of daylight…and snow.  We dont live where it snows so when we do get to play a little in it…its exciting!


So.. as I was getting back into the truck..after taking some pictures of the snow..yes..I know…its just snow…LOL.. I somehow managed to jam my pinky on the truck door. How does that happen???  It hurt like hell but I hoped in the truck and put it in gear and away we went to find Big Bear Diner.  We drove around in this little town of Shasta…and in the snow things look a little different, not always easy to find things..  So once again, I pulled over to look at the map.  We found our destination.  My poor pinky was really not happy.  But..we kept going.  Off to Big Bear Diner.  We got there, found a spot that fit our monster truck.  Went inside and got seated pretty quick.  Not a lot of people so that was nice.


We finished our dinner and headed back down the road.  Hours of rain and snow was still ahead of us, but we finally got there.  By the time we arrived, my poor pinky was swollen and had turned a very beautiful purplish color.  Reminds me of the color of Dragons Escape..LOL  We had a very nice time visiting…great food and got to play fetch with their fun fluffy dog…Kaylee.


On the 2nd day of our visit, we got to drive through downtown Portland.  Sad thing is it was raining almost the whole day and I really only got to see blurps of the city.  But we made it to this beautiful dog park.  It was drizzly while we were at the park but dry enough for me to take a bazillion pictures..


The next morning, I gathered up my art supplies and painted up this painting of the park with the only set of paints I brought with me..  Realm of the Dragons.  I am extremely happy with the end results.


When we finally got home, and had some time to rest and catch up, I put bits of gold foiling on the finished painting which made this only more beautiful.


And, my pinky took two weeks to look normal again..what an adventure that was!

portland park
realm of the dragons image

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