• Chakra Vibrations
    Chakra Vibrations

    Chakra you say?

    I have always had an interest in Chakras.  These have been around for many years and many have strong beliefs in them. I have a such long ways to go to even understand the basics of meanings of them.  As I explore this territory I have come across many lovely sites.  Recently I discovered a course called “Chakra Painting” by CreativeU  Its more than just painting projects. She digs deeper into understanding the connection we all have to them.  I met Larissa a few years ago and she has the kindest spirit I know.  Although we have never met in person, she resonates her positive energy to the world.  …

  • realm of the dragons image
    Portland Park

    Portland Park

    Realm of The Dragons is my very first set I created.  After hours and days and months of getting these mixtures just right, its done!  Now I have a very good recipe that makes these paints so magical.  This set came about after binge watching “Merlin”  YUP…how crazy is that? I even took some photos of the dragon to see what colors make him so cool.. Enter The Realm Of The Dragons   Eyes so bright, shining day and nightscales glistening in the breeze. You can smell the cinder as it gracefullysoars through the deep blue sky. The magic is strong with electricenergy filling you with wonder..   By Christina…

  • cup o tea painting
    Cup O Tea

    Cup O Tea

    When I first started creating sets, I thought…how fun it would be to create a Cup O Tea set.  I knew exactly what I wanted…and guess what?  I did it!!!  I thought it would be best to have a painting with a beautiful tea cup,  This one is special to me as it was given to me over 39 years ago before my husband and I got married.  His grandmother gave it to me when we went to visit his grandparents in Utah.  I was not expecting it as I had no idea she had such a beautiful collection.  I had taken many photographs with this tea cup as a…

  • Drifiting Sampler Image

    Welcome to Rippled Waves

    Welcome to Rippled Waves. Here you will find my newest creations of watercolor paints. I create granulated paints which have a variety of colors per pan.  Please hang in there while create the awesomeness.  In the meantime, hop on over to my mother site, WingsNScales where you can learn how to paint with these beautiful paints and more!