Transforming imperfection art
As a mixed media artist, I am one who loves to dabble in many mediums to see what I can create with them.  Once I figured out the beauty of mixing pigment powders, I couldnt stop.  I love to play with color, and what better way than to push these pigments into creating their own magic. Because I use many different pigments, they dont always play nicely together, but they can still have their own magic on paper! My paints are totally my style and may not be yours, but I promise if you gave one a try, you will be supprised how fun they can be.
Mother nature is our never ending giver of life, and pure elements that we use to create our art that lasts for years to come. RW paints are created using these materials that have been tried and tested over the years.
They are hand mixed with either a pestle and mortar or on a slab for larger batches.  They are granulated paints, meaning when created, I do not blend them for a very long time and because of this technique, the pigments are not ground into a solid color.  You will be able to see each color that is blended into the paints as they start to dissolve on the paper.  This creates a beautifully textured watercolor painting.
Because these are handcrafted, they are pure pigments without all the added fluff that larger companies add to their products.  The colors are rich and so yummy!
Ingredients include: NON TOXIC – Variety of Brands
  • Natural Earth Pigments
  • Ocher Pigments
  • French Mineral Pigments Powder
  • Oxide Pigments
  • Mica Powders
  • Gum Arabic powder
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • Vegan Glycerine
  • Essential Oils.
I have explored with many combinations of ingredients and finally found the perfect mix.  With the combination of honey and glycerin, the paints are a little softer, not hard as some are.  They will still crack as that is the nature of the beast!
I strongly suggest you try handcrafted paints, even if its just one time. They are quite different than mass produced paints and I am sure you will fall in love with them as much as I have.
You may see at times that I do not have anything in stock.  I have a day job that takes up my fun time, but retirement is getting closer by the day!  Please now I will do my best to keep these in stock!  I have big plans, so hang in there while I bring them to life!
Please contact me with any questions you have about my paints.
a little about pigments
Natural Earth and Ocher pigments –  all natural colors, semi transparent pigments. I use these a lot and mix them with Oxide pigments which give them a little more boldness in color.
French Minerals  – soft pastel tones and are 10% manufactured mineral pigments fixed to a natural Calcium Carbonate base. Lady of the Lake and Ice Faery are made with these mineral pigments and they are just lovely to paint with.
Primary Pigments  –  an excellent nontoxic alternative to Cadmium Colors. They are semi-transparent and possess good tinting strength for fine art painting and more!
Oxide pigments – are strong beautiful opaque pigments that need very little when painting.  All it takes is one little dip, it goes a long way..

Color Chart Comparison with other brands~Click here!

Please contact me with any questions you may have before you purchase my paints.