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A little about me, Chrissy!  I have been dabbling in the art field since I was a wee tot! My first love is photography and always will be, just ask my husband!

I learned a lot of stuff from my dad, if its broke, we fix it!! I always considered myself the second son. Always in the garage with my dad and sometimes brother, working on a race jeep. Those skills came in handy many times, trust me! I have no fear of getting my hands dirty..LOL

My one regret was I never learned to weld, but I do know how to solder things together.

During my college days, I took many art classes including sign painting, silk screening, airbrush, more photography, films, sound mixing and loved every minute of it. This path led me to cosmetology where I learned the art of cutting and coloring hair! And carpel tunnel came with it..yikes!  Those days are past, today I considers myself a mixed media artist. I strongly believe we can have more than one love of the arts.

My newest addiction, however, is watercolor. Not only do I create art, I also ventured into making my own paints.  So with all of the years of mixing and blending and playing and getting messy, I decided it was time to share with the world of what I am capable of.  Its never too late I say.  Our paths are now joined as you explore my website.

Lily and I appreciate you stopping by and checking us out! Chrissy <3
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